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Man of the Farm Grooming Can

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Looking for the perfect gift for a guy in your life? Give the gift of our hand-crafted products for men packaged in a quart-sized "Man of the Farm" Grooming Can by 1818 Farms.

Each can includes a 4 oz Shea Creme, Tube of Kain’s LipKare, and Bar of Handcrafted Soap. 

Our products are hand poured and hand made in Alabama. Each of our products features one of our beloved farm animals as its "Cover-Guy" or "Cover-Girl." 

Kain is the "Cover-Guy" for this product. He is a black Southdown Babydoll Sheep Ram and herd sire for our flock at 1818 Farms. As the “man of the farm”, Kain always takes good care of his fleece to maintain his distinguished look.

Gentlemen, on and off the farm, can use the products inside this grooming can to always look their best.

3 Options Available:

Sweet Sandalwood Shea Creme, Sweet Sandalwood Soap & Kain's LipKare

Unscented Shea Creme, Castile Goat Milk Soap & Kain's LipKare

Unscented Shea Creme,  Peppermint Tea Tree Soap & Kain's LipKare